The Mets ****

I used to have season tickets, but I didn’t renew after 2001, because I was making less money. This off season, a very aggressive ticket agent called. He was totally rude and insulting.




    Every once in a while a mets ticket sales guy calls me unsolicited at the office. The last time he did this I had to tell him I wasn’t interested in season tickets. Actually, since I’m not good at doling out total rejection, I said I would see how the team fared until June or July and then reconsider. Then he gave me this weird threat about the good seats being gone by then.

    I was just trying to throw the guy a bone.


    every one said the mets where
    beter than the yankees this year butthe yankees are in 1st

    place the mets are in whare are the mets

  3. David

    Even if our comments we’re datestamped, I’m happy to know that there are only around 20 hours in which you could have left that comment.

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