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Last night I dream the Mets were in the NLCS playoffs. Fonzie pinch hit in the bottom of the 8th, and hit a game tying home run. As the game went into extra innings, the other team (the Reds?) kept going ahead, but Fonzie kept hitting home runs, 4 in his first 4 at bats. When I woke up the game was still tied.


Mets Win! Mets Win!

Last night I dreamt me and some friends were in Paris for opening day, Mets vs. Expos. The Mets, somehow, won 12 games on this day and clinched the division.

There’s not much to read into this dream, I was in foreign territory for two of my three “opening days,” Yankees Stadium for Baseball’s opening day, and in an expat bar in Paris for opening day at Fenway park. The Expos are gone, of course, but they made many visits to Shea about opening day, and hailing from Montreal they were also kind of “the French team.” I don’t know how the Mets managed to get 12 games up in one day in my dream, or how that became “clinching the division,” but I was happy about it. (My third opening day was really only opening day for me, Pedro’s first start at Shea.)